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  • I have a question concerning settting up UAG for AD authentication into the portal and then a link for sharepoint using ADFS.  I am running into an issue and not sure how to proceed.  Let me start off by saying I am trying to learn ADFS, UAG, and Sharepoint all at the same time while doing this.  Our setup requirements are as follows.  We would like users (all of which exist in our AD) to login to the UAG portal site using AD authentication.  This is so that we can force password changes at first login.  These users are students.  Then once in the portal we want to publish a link to Sharepoint.  This would authenticate using ADFS.  In Sharepoint we have a webpart that connects to Office365 and it requires a token for single sign on.  Now I have the ADFS backend servers working properly.  I also have the ADFS proxy servers working.  I would like to not have to use proxy servers.  This all tested great except not being able to force password changes at first login.  So this is where the UAG comes in.  I think I need two trunks, one for AD and one for ADFS.  I did setup UAG as a relying party trust in the ADFS server (I think).  Again I am learning all of this as a I go.  I found the following two links that I have been trying to follow but not sure what I am doing.  Ideally we would also at somoe point want to implment FIM for self server password resets as well.  Any directions or better documents that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.  If this is not the right forum, please let me know which one I should post to.



    Joe M

    Thursday, August 8, 2013 2:33 PM