SSRS 2008R2 BIDS/VS cannot deploy reports to SharePoint


  • SSRS 2008R2 BIDS/VS cannot deploy reports to SharePoint.  Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I continually get prompted for user name and password...  I can browse to the site/doc lib fine in IE on the same box.  I have added to trusted sites, even gone as far as launching VS with run as administrator account, and turning off windows firewall all to no avail.

     For the target report location I am putting in the URL to the doc lib  (i.e:  http://servername/sitename/Reports (which is my doc lib with other reports that work).  OS is windows server 2008R2.  I have tried the loop back setting in the registry, using localhost, servername, ipaddress, etc.  All work fine in IE with no login prompts.  I can even manually upload an RDL via IE and if it has an embedded data source, I can get it to run.  My user is an admin everywhere, including on the box and farm admin in SharePoint.  Am I missing something?  Also is there a way to manage a reports data source in SharePoint via IE like you can in NativeMode by going to report properties, datasources?  I cannot seem to find a similar menu option in SharePoint.

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013 2:11 AM


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