PowerPivot Management Dashboard error message


  • Running SharePoint 2010, ProjectServer 2010, PowerPivot for SQL 2012, connecting to SQL 2012 dbs. 2 App servers, clustered db servers, 1 WFE. Just completed the migration of our SP databases from SQL 2008 to SQL 2012. Users are reporting that PowerPivot is running fine for them, their spreadsheets are refreshing and such. We've got an issue with the thumbnails refreshing, but that's not the major issue right now.

    When I go to the PP Management Dashboard, I get this error:

    I've seen lots of questions and answers about this sort of thing, but they all seem to say "PowerPivot Data", and not just "Data". I click OK, the dashboard seems to be running okay, but nothing shows in the Infrastructure - Server Health box for 1. Query Response Times, 2. Average Instance CPU, 3. Average Instance Memory, and Activity and Performance show their grids but no data. The Workbook Activity - Chart doesn't show anything either. PowerPivot is installed on both APP servers, but not the WFE. This was working in our testing, prior to the final data move. It makes me suspect that PP isn't really running correctly, but the users seem happy with it. I'd feel better if the management dashboard would work.

    So, I've checked the Claims to Windows Token Service, the PowerPivot Service App, SQL services on the server. I've gone through my Secure Store settings for the unattended users for both PowerPivot and Excel Services. I've NOT gone through the ULS logs yet, I spent all weekend going through them during the data conversion over the weekend and my eyes haven't recovered yet :-).

    Suggestions on what to try or where to look to resolve this are appreciated. Thanks,


    Tuesday, April 29, 2014 4:06 PM