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  • I have a Lenovo G570 Laptop. I have Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. But recently upgraded it to Ultimate. I wanted to try out Windows 8 before the beta is over and we all have to buy it when it comes out. Well I downloaded it from Microsoft's website and I waited 17 mins for it to finish downloading. I ran the program and it asked me to restart my laptop. So I did. I restarted it and it asked me to choose a OS. It gave me an option of Windows 7 or Windows 8. I clicked on Windows 8 of course. It started to boot up and after 45 mins of waiting for it to boot it said there was an error in the download. It said error 0xc000000f. It said to restart m computer for another retry. I clicked the "OK" button and it restarted. It restarted without letting me chose a OS and went straight to the boot up area. It gave me an error again. So I put in my "Windows 7 recovery disc" I made for my laptop awhile back. I also have a 30GB buck up drive on my HDD. Well thinks to Windows 8. Windows 8 deleted my back up drive. Thank you very much. I can not go and click F8 to go to my advance settings. I only have F2 for my bio's and F12 so I can select a device. That's all of my option I have.  I tried restoring it to a point in a earlier time to when it worked properly. But again, Windows 8 deleted all of my back up drive and my restore points. So all I get when I start up Windows is a light blue screen for Windows 8 that says the error.  I have a Windows XP Home edition that I tried to see if I can install it onto my computer and then reactivate my Windows 7 Ultimate when it worked, But the disc failed to install.                  I think it would be nice if Microsoft can send me a Windows 7 disc so I can try to re-install my Windows 7 again.  I still have my Windows 7 Home Premium key on the bottom of my laptop, But I don't have a Windows 7 disc. I sure don't want to have to go out and spend money to buy a Windows 7 because Microsoft's Windows 8 failed.   I am sorry I made this so long but I wanted to put as much detail into as possible for the people who are having this same exact problem I am having and also to let Microsoft know of there mistake here.

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  • Windows released to public, I suggest try trial version of Windows 8 and see if problem will reproduce or not? If it reproduced, please post back and let us know.
    Wednesday, May 08, 2013 11:29 AM