Insufficient Access Rights when trying to modify send as permissions on a public folder RRS feed

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  • Where I work, we have 2 mailbox database servers and 2 cas servers on Exchange 2010, upgraded from Exchange 2003. We are finding that when trying to grant a user send as rights to a publlic folder we are getting an Insufficient Access Rights error. The bizzare thing is for one particluar folder we can amend the send as rights with no issue on one of the cas servers but not the other cas or either db servers.

    You would have thought if it was a user permissions issue i.e the adminsitrator not having sufficent rights it would fail on every server and likewise if it was a problem with the folder itself, why is it working on one of the cas servers? Also on the one server this particluar folder does allow us to amend the rights, when we try to amend others we get the same error 

    If anyone has come accross this before and knows a fix please share it.


    Friday, October 10, 2014 1:24 PM