Need help with setting up a VPN to bypass port forwarding to allow access to my web server RRS feed

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  • I need help with setting up a VPN to bypass port forwarding to allow access to my web server
    Pretty much as the title says, but that probably isn't clear enough. Allow me to explain:
    I want to host a website on my computer. Not a major one, but something small and private.

    Before I set up a domain name, I want to make sure that the website works -- which it doesn't.
    I'm currently using WAMPServer to organize it all.

    I have it set so when I connect to localhost, I have access to all of my files in the set directory, regardless of whether or not I'm "online" or "offline" on WAMPServer (whether or not others will have access to my webpage).

    When I turn WAMPServer "online", it allows connection to my WAMPServer homepage through both localhost and connection through the static IP I set up, but only through LAN, meaning that only computers connected to my home network would have access to the page.

    My router cannot be configured to allow port forwarding so I can open up a port to allow redirection to my computer, rather than the ambiguous router itself. As an alternative, I downloaded Hamachi to allow a computer to connect to the VPN (Hamachi), and by extension, my IP for access to the files in the directory.

    In theory, it should have worked, but it didn't. Computers in my LAN could still connect to the IP, but the computer in the VPN but not on LAN could not.

    Is there something I'm missing here, or are there suggestions to make this work?

    My static IP works as what it is, however, it is different than the IP used in Hamachi. If I change the IP used by my computer to access the site to the IP that my Hamachi is using, would this make it work? As an alternative suggestion, can I change my static IP setting to be automatic, and change the one being used on WAMPServer (from localhost, allowing connection to be made) to the one on Hamachi? Or would I have to make all three IPs the same?

    Thanks for all help and solutions,
    Saturday, August 4, 2012 5:49 AM


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