Non cleartype font issues in Windows 7 RRS feed

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  • There is problems with text selection and drag and drop with non clear type fonts (I wish I could find in Win7 control panel where I set this year ago, awesome design to prevent changes!): I'm using Notepad++ for text editing (default font and size). When I trying to drag selected text and arrow spike near edges of selected text: instead of dragging Notepad++ receive selection message from Windows. When something selected and near selection I trying to select another text - sometime its dragging.

    I have WindowsXP and there same Notepad++ (same PC, another HDD for WinXP, same Notepad++ installation, same settings in program folder, so this is NOT Notepad++ issues) and there is no such problems under WinXP. So I think Win7 still think I'm using unreadable clear type fonts and suppose my text placed in different position. Or probably exact position for arrow spike for Win7 not where I see it on my screen. Actually this is why I avoiding Internet Explorer - everything smooth and selections unpredictable like in "Safari".

    Fix it please, because Win7 suppose to be not gaming platform only. Year have passed and during that time only text selection seems improved. Trying to make "as good as Apple did" will force you to fight for 5% desktop market.

    Saturday, January 22, 2011 10:53 AM