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    Hoping someone can help me with a problem I have.  I have 2 DPM 2012 R2 Servers one in site A and one in Site B.  THE DPM Server in Site A protects a Windows 2012 Failover File Cluster (Lets call this FileClusterA) as well as other servers and a Hyper-V cluster. The DPM server in site B also protects a different file cluster (Lets call this FileClusterB) and a different Hyper-V cluster.

    The DPM Server is SiteA protecting FIleClusterA can not see all the disk on FileClusterA, but DPM Server in SiteB has no issue with seeing all the disks on FileClusterB.  For Example I have a role on FileClusterA that has 6 volumes assigned to the role, 5 of these volumes are on 1 physical disk (Cluster Disk 1) but the 6th volume is on a different disk (Cluster Disk 15).  All disks are present from the same Shared Storage via 10GB iSCSI.

    If I modify the protection group in DPM management console and expand FileClusterA and then expand the cluster role - All Volumes, I only see the 5 volumes from "cluster disk 1" not the new volume from "Cluster Disk 15". 

    I have another role on FileClusterA that has 4 Volumes assigned to the role, each volume is hosted on a different physical drive.  In DPM Management console when I expand this cluster role then "All Volumes" it only shows me the first Volume in the cluster role.

    I have checked the DPM Server and File Cluster at SiteB and this does not have this issue.  All volumes on all physical disks are selectable within DPM.

    DPM Server in SiteA is 2012 R2 4.2.1553.0, File Cluster in SiteA is Windows 2012.

    DPM Server in SiteB is 2012 R2 4.2.1589.0, File Cluster in SiteB is Windows 2012.

    I know DPM Server in SiteA is a little behind DPM Server in SiteB but this problem has been here since the clusters were built around 3-4 years ago but has only just become a problem as I need to back data from a drive at SiteA but can't as DPM can't see the drive/Volume.

    Any idea's would be grate

    Friday, June 16, 2017 10:53 AM