I have windows 8. I need a truthful answer to which download is going to help me to accopmplish what I want try to do RRS feed

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  • I'm looking if a download that has a lot of options of Fonts but not interested in the kind of lots of fonts that you have no clue what kind of letters plus I don't want a million yrs old dead one either O want the all to be very readable and have the option to be very bold. The thing that is a major must is a wide selection of stincles of stuff from cute sfulls & cross bones, Hello Kitty Lalla loopys, sun moons stars symbels that are of irish heritage, monkeys frogs owls, mossy oak sysmbles browning symbles guy ones & girl one & then them kissing please say you have a good download for me so when I get done it will look like I went to the HP manufacture & I walked step by step threw every inch color by color design by design & font by font. I plan to personalize every mm I can get away with . I'm going to select a forum but please be straight forward & honest with me because that's how I would be with you if the tables were turn plus that's why I don't have a lot of friends but tell me the downloadable app that I'm going to get the most of what I'm trying to do done. I'm sorry my personalities are starting to try to take over a different one at a time & if I start persomalizing in each of their personalities I can mainly keep the one that stay in main control in control but I need you to honestly give the download that I'm going to benefit when it come to what I told you what I wanted. Or I'm going to be somewhere & blackout & have no clue which personality came out. Have no clue how you acted or what you said & you have no chance in hell to remember & cant control it plus theres no medication for my phycatrist to put me on to control it. So I'm beggin you & you area complete strainger I promise I never beg I also never ask for help & if I am no one ever knows if I'm in a desperate position not even my husband unless I break down & tell him  that happens about 9 to 13 % of the time .
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