Import updates and deletions with ECMA RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I created a file-based import MA (ECMA) according to the guide: in order to import users from the Lotus Domino names.nsf database in FIM/MV.

    Since I don't have the "delta" attribute in Lotus, I didn't include it in my CS schema file.

    The problem is that in this way my ECMA is not able to import updates and deletions from Lotus Domino to the CS. I verified that my intermediate import file is correctly populated after deletions and updates and it is (I populated it with Domino dll methods).

    So I didn't understand why FIM cannot updates and delete CS entries consequently.

    Is the change type attribute mandatory? Is so, how can I populate it? Probably it has to be calculated, because I don't have it in Lotus.

    How can I solve my problem?



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  • I am afraid the ChangeType attribute is definitly needed with the Delta Import. Howelse would you tell the MA which entry is update, which is add and which is delete.

    A little hint here is that, how can you tell by looking at the raw file which entries are for add, for delete and for update? if you can tell that, there should be a way to tell the MA too.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013 6:01 AM
  • The Full Import run profile alone is not able to import deletions and updates for ECMA?

    Because for other standard MA (SQL, AD, etc) the full import run profile detects deletions and updates. I don't need the delta import run profile.

    In this case, if I delete a user in Lotus and then run the full import run profile (without the change type attribute).. the intermediate import file is correctly updated (user deleted are not in the file and updates are reported) while the connector is not updates (in case of deletions is not made disconnector).

    I need to solve the problem because I implemented the call export interface and I need to have the CS updated to detect user to be re-provisioned or updated on the target system Lotus

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