List of Sequential (Blocking) vs Streaming (Non-Blocking) Powershell commands RRS feed

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  • I'm really hoping somebody has put together a list of blocking (sequential) vs non-blocking (streaming) commands for PowerShell. For example, I know that Sort is blocking as it needs all the data to output the sorted list of objects, but I cannot tell that without trying it.  More importantly, it seems like something as simple as Get-WinEvents | ConvertTo-JSON is blocking and no output is produced until everything is converted to json!

    I know there are ways to force this to process one line/event at a time, but I wouldn't think that ConvertTo-JSON should be blocking to begin with...  It would be nice if the blocking/non-blocking or sequential/streaming pipeline status would be provided for every command that accepts pipeline input.

    Monday, January 4, 2016 3:27 AM