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  • I am using Windows XP Professional SP3. And I am monitoring a memory consumption and performance on my system using perfmon.msc and Task Manager .

    I have set pagefile size to zero so it's disappeared on all my drives. That's just fine for demonstrating you strange thing I am concerned about.

    With this configuration Task Manager shows 550 Mb usage in "PF usage" and "Page file usage history"(pagefile.sys wright? Because it's not named as , for example, "Pages usage" and "Pages usage history" respectively)

    Snapshot of memory indicators in Task Manager:
    Physical memory (K) :
        Total - 2087084
        Available - 1367600
        System Cache - 871488
    Commit Charge (K) :
        Total - 552780
        Limit - 1932700
        Peak  - 966628
    Kernel Memory (K) :
        Total - 63284
        Paged - 45780
        Nonpaged - 17504

    1. How it can be that with pagefile disabled entirely Task manager shows 550 Mb usage of PAGE FILE (not pages)? And in Perfmon.msc the Page Reads/Sec counter (which indicates HARD page faults only that is fetching pages from pagefile (from hard drive) having required page not in RAM) displays some activity in idle state and lots of activity when new program is being launched?
    And 550 Mb is not the value of totally consumed RAM (Total - Available != Commited).

    2. What ACTUALLY is being displayed in "Commit Charge (K)" section the "Total" parameter and consequently in graphs "PF usage" and "Page file usage history" in XP SP3 pro?

    3. Is there any patch for correcting this?

    PS: On Windows Server 2003 std. values of these counters appearing reasonably and are just fine.
    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 7:03 AM

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