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  • Hi All i would like to find out
    i am looking at installing an terminal server with about 20 to 24 dumb terminals
    Questions are as follow
    -How does the server licensing work, do you need n License for every terminal that logs into the server or doe you just have one unlimited license
    - what are the minimum specs for the dumb terminals
    - what OS must be installed on the Dumb terminals, should it be microsoft or can i also use Linux
    - also if anyone might be able to give me some more info on how the whole terminal server and dumb terminals works it would be highly appreciatedi am new to terminal servers and dumb terminals so i really have no idea how it works

    Saturday, May 30, 2020 10:15 AM


  • We are running a network similar to what you are wanting to do.  We have 2 Dell PowerEdge 2900 servers running Server 2003 (this is an older network).  We are also using Wyse Thin clients (VXO V30L and VXO V90L models).  The V30s are running Windows CE and the V90s are running XPe.  The XPe allows them some latitude in personal customization, however they do login to the server, so they are experiencing Server 2003 environment.  

    We have used Dell for most of the solutions, so they should be able to help you.  My rep is great and we have not had any issues in the time I have been dealing with them.

    As for the functioning of the network, Nick-C is correct.  Anything media heavy will not work well.  We have run into that here.  95% of the time we do not have issues as users are just accessing Office and related programs.

    Regarding the fail safe, that is something we are looking into as well.  I have found that server replication is something that will work for us, and you may want to investigate it further.  Basically, you would have two identical servers the one you want to replicate (server A), and the target (server B).  The replication software would make an identical image of server A on server B .  In case server A fails, server B would automatically kick in.
    Saturday, May 30, 2020 1:10 PM