Conversion from IPv4 intranet to IPv6


  • I have been assigned to work in this task. I have not being giving any documentation written about the current network infrastructure except that. The DMZ present in the edge allows for tunneling from 6 to 4 (Do not know if feature of  Direct Access is on or it uses VPN for client connecting to the intranet from home). If remote clients connect thru Teredo or NAT. The intranet is IPv4. At least two subnets are present (internet and intranet). Keeping simple. The software present is workstations uses Windows 7. (400).

    servers are Windows 2008 R2 (DC,File Servers,SQL) stand alone server Sql server 2008, IIS (7). around 76 machines. 

    What is the proper procedure to begin with the conversion to IPv6 for the intranet?

    What ever tunneling configuration they are using, could this be left alone for now?

    Can we start with the Domain controllers to configure for only IPv6 for the proper subnet. Or should we have a mirror machine set for IPv6 only

    We could add the stand alones and dedicated servers one at a time? (convert from 4 to 6).

    For the Workstations should a script be written to disable IPV4 and enable IPv6 or have both enable?

    Besides getting familiar with the present infrastructure of the domain.? Is there a guide to follow. I have read for simple cases with at least four servers and one client (acting as remote or permanent connected to a subnet). The heavy load is within DC and edge machine (router).

    Can the task be scripted in two parts (Workstations and servers)?

    michael john ocasio

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