When trying to assign Role Based Access to a Splunk Add On Application, I do Not see Roles in our Azure Portal


  • Hi,

    I'm new to setting up Azure Application Access.  Recently I've been tasked with setting up Splunk Add on For 0365.  This requires setting up Role Based Access to the Application.  When I look in our Portal for Access control (IAM),  I expect there to be Roles I can add to Groups or users.  when I click on the Roles and "add role assignment"  I don't see anthing in the drop down.  Also, there is a message there indicating "Unable to access data".  I'm logged in as a Global Administrator so I'm pretty sure I have the "ability" to see and add roles.  I just don't see them.  I'm probably missing something easy and obvious.  


    Kevin C

    Tuesday, February 12, 2019 8:14 PM

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  • Hello Kevin,

    Global Administrator will have all the permissions on the directory but not on the subscription inked to the directory. 

    To manage RBAC (Access control) you need permissions on the subscription as well. Ideally owner role should be able to manage everything. Can you check what privileges you have under "Check Access" and ensure that you have the privileges to add the roles to others ?

    You can learn more about the roles available in RBAC here. Hope this helps.

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