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  • Hey guys,

    I have a brand new Ubuntu LTS machine and can back it up properly.
    But I don't understand why the machine is offline within DPM.

    What I have is a small test System of Ubuntu Server 04.2014 LTS and i installed the VSS Snapshot daemon

    "This daemon is required to create live Linux virtual machine backups."

    • and KVP daemon as well.

      Following the TechNet entry:

      Live virtual machine backup

      2012 R2

      Note 3, 4, 5

      So I'm not sure where the Problem is. Shouldn't the machine visible as online due to creation a protection Group of DPM?
      Everytime I'm creating a recovery Point and run a backup the machine is still online and I couldn't see an offline behavior which i would expect (save state).

      May I understand something wrong? Is there a backup guy here who has more Expertise with Debian and or ubuntu machines and can give me a hint?


      guest Services are enabled and the usual stuff like rebooting and dynamic Memory seems to be working very well.
      I have also an VMM 2012 R2 running but I'm pretty sure there shouldn't be a problem?!

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  • Hi,

    Everytime I'm creating a recovery Point and run a backup the machine is still online and I couldn't see an offline behavior which i would expect (save state).

    At the time of adding the VM to protection, DPM queries the hyper-V writer on the Hyper-V host to get a list of guests and their backup state (caption).  At the time, that state reported (offline) so that is what was used in DPM UI.  If the machine later can be backed up in (online) state, then it will be backed up online, but the DPM UI is still going to show (offline).  To make the DPM UI show online, you need to stop protection, retain the replica, then reprotect.  At that time hyper-V writer will report (online) and DPM UI will reflect going forward.

    To list hyper-V writer captions for guests to see if online or offline state backups will be done:

    From an administrative command prompt on the Hyper-V server:

    a. Type: copy con script.txt and press enter
     b. Type: list writers and press enter
     c. Press CTRL + Z + enter (to save)
     d. Type: diskshadow /s script.txt | find /i "caption: O"

    Output will be displayed for each guest as follows.

    C:\temp>diskshadow /s script.txt | find /i "caption: O"
                            - Caption: Online\SCS2012R2-DC
                            - Caption: Online\SQLSERVER
                            - Caption: Offline\MJLC-WSS-V14
                            - Caption: Offline\MJLC-DPM2012Sp1

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  • Thank you for your answer Mike.

    What I could Research so far:

    Ubuntu 2014 LTS Hyper-V Support is partially broken.
    A bugtraq is made and fix is coming.

    Here a re some other VMs I got with your Help.

    C:\Windows\system32> diskshadow /s script.txt | find /i "caption: O"
                            - Caption: Offline\CentOS
                            - Caption: Offline\DPM Test 03
                            - Caption: Offline\FreeBSD 10
                            - Caption: Online\DPM Test 01
                            - Caption: Offline\IPFire
                            - Caption: Offline\pfsense 01
                            - Caption: Offline\ClearOS
                            - Caption: Online\Server 2012 R2 with Updates 31.08.2014
                            - Caption: Online\DPM Test 02
                            - Caption: Online\SLES 11 SP3
                            - Caption: Online\openSuse 13.1
                            - Caption: Offline\VTL-05 - Ubuntu LTS 2014

    as you can see, I'm starting eval Linux/BSD Systems for an upcoming Project and at the Moment I can't say something about DPM Integration because the machines act like Live Backup but I can't see it.
    CentOS 7 should be work OOB. FreeBSD and Ubuntu as well. But it isn't.
    SLES 11 with SP3 and openSUSE are the only OOB Installations with online/live backup.

    I'm not sure about the Impact to my "offline" Linux systems at the Moment.

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  • You can check whether the Hyper-V integration services has been successfully executed during OS start:

    cat /var/log/boot.log | grep Hyper

    * Starting Hyper-V File Copy Protocol Daemon [ OK ] * Starting Hyper-V VSS Protocol Daemon [ OK ] * Starting Hyper-V KVP Protocol Daemon [ OK ] * Stopping Hyper-V File Copy Protocol Daemon [ OK ] * Stopping Hyper-V KVP Protocol Daemon [ OK ]

    Moreover, it stands to reason to make sure that additionally installed services (VSS, for instance) are started:

    ps -ef | egrep "hv.*daemon"
    root  1323  1  0 20:23 ?   00:00:00 /usr/lib/linux-tools/3.13.0-27-generic/hv_vss_daemon
    root  1341  1  0 20:23 ?   00:00:04 /usr/lib/linux-tools/3.13.0-27-generic/hv_kvp_daemon

    If everything is configured properly, you should be able to perform online backup of a given VM.

    As far as I remember, we did something similar in our environments. With the use of different software, though. It was Veeam in our case (might be also worth giving a shot).

    Kinds regards, Leonardo.

    Friday, September 12, 2014 2:24 PM