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  • This is for a customer. I fix PCs for a living.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS.

    The Win 7 taskbar (horizontal bar at bottom of screen, the icons on left) has a Library icon that looks like a yellow manilla folder in a holder. It goes to a directory of the Libraries.

    That is NOT what my customer wants. He wants a link in the taskbar DIRECTLY to the My Documents Folder i.e to C:\users\UserName\My Documents.

    (1) Now I can remove the Manilla folder Library link by right clicking and selecting remove from taskbar BUT that does not solve the problem.

    How can I get what I want in the taskbar

    Possible Solution 1: Drag a link I created on the desktop to the My Documents folder down into the taskbar. This does not work because a tiny popup appears saying Add to Explorer. What I want is Add to Taskbar. Example: If I install iTunes and I drag the iTunes icon on the desktop down into the Taskbar a little window pops up saying Add to **Taskbar**   not Add to Explorer. And the iTunes icon appears on the taskbar. HOW CAN I MAKE THE SAME THINK WORK FOR A LINK TO THE MY DOCUMENTS FOLDER.

    Possible solution 2: Change the Library link (manilla folder) to go to the My Documents folder or at least to the user profile (with My Documents, My Pictures etc ).

    Now some may say that that means modifying Windows 7 so it is impossible. I say NOT SO (on the impossible part) . Because a similar problem exists in that the Document link in the Start menu goes to the Documents library and ditto for Pictures in the Start menu and so on.

    BUT if you go to


    you will find downloads of several reg files (they modify then Registry) that convert the Documents link in the Start Menu to a link to the My Documents folder and NOT TO ANY LIBRARY. And ditto for Pictures and so on.  I have tested those downloads and THEY WORK (noting you must restart the PC after following the instructions there).

    SO does someone have a link to some other reg file (i.e a CHANGE to the Win 7 Registry) that changes the Manilla folder icon to a link to the My Documents folder OR adds a link to the My Documents folder to the taskbar and leaves the Manilla folder link to the libraries still there.

    Note A link to the user profile is a distinct 2nd choice here as that means another click for my customer and he said he does NOT want to do that. But if that is the ONLY thing possible then it is worth posting.

    WHY does this matter to my customer ? Because he often has his ENTIRE desktop (or close) covered with many windows. And they cover the link to My Documents that I put on his desktop. So he wanted alternatives without minimizing ALL his windows., Changing the Start Menu link to My Documents (see above) is one way to do that. Another is to put a DIRECT link to My Documents in the taskbar.

    ONE MORE THING. Another (distinct second choice again) is to tell me how in ONE CLICIK to minimize ALL his windows of any kind (then he clicks the link to My Documents on his desktop) and then with ONE CLICK bring back ALL the minimized windows in the top to bottom order they were in (i.e which window covers which window and all of them in the same position). If you know how to do that, please post it but THAT is not really what I want.

    Friday, January 27, 2012 8:18 PM

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  • There is a workaround. Please refer to:

    Add Shortcut To Folder In Taskbar In Windows 7

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    Thursday, February 2, 2012 5:01 AM
  • Arthur Xie,


    When I have time I will try your link solution BUT this is now low priority as the customer is satisfied with the link to My Documents in the Start menu (referred to in my question). Even though that is two clicks.

    When and IF I have time I will post again here as to whether your solution works.


    Thursday, February 2, 2012 3:29 PM