Issues Saving Office 2016 for Mac files to a Shared Volume RRS feed

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  • Situation: multiple Mac users saving Office 2011-16 files to a folder Shared via OS X Server (Yosemite). Connecting via AFP or SMB makes no difference.
    Symptom: Seemingly random Users cannot save changes to documents opened from the shared folder on seemingly random occasions. This issue has been around for at least 5 years
    Explanation But No Fix (as far as I can tell): This requires a short preamble > 
    Each User in Unix has a computer account ID number which is unique to the machine on which it was created. 
         These numbers normally start at 501 for the first local user and increment as additional accounts are created. 
    (Network accounts held on the server start at 1001.)

    This ID can be viewed in System Prefs > Users
         Unlock the Account and secondary-click on the account name >

    As mentioned - these numbers are unique to each Mac - but won’t be unique on a network. Network accounts held on the server will however be unique because they reside in one location.

    Microsoft Office products create a hidden folder at the root level of every share-point called .TemporaryItems.

    Inside .TemporaryItems a subfolder is created for each user. These subfolders are named using the AccountID number of user that accesses the server from the Office product. With multiple workstations it is highly likely that these folders will be accessed by more than one user with the same ID - each claiming read/write access to the same folder potentially at the same time. This can cause ‘file in use’ errors and prevent the saving of a file. You might think this is a system designed to fail!

    Why does MS not store this temporary folder locally?
    Does anyone have a solution for this? It’s a serious long-standing issue which still persists with the latest release of Office For Mac.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:51 AM