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  • ok, I've read the threads, I've called apple and called an asinine accented windows "technical support operator".

    My issue resides not in sync'ing my ipod, not in itunes running, but in downloading. I keep getting this forsaken error everytime I try to download from Itunes. It will allow me on the store, it will allow my to purchase but to physically download the music NOPE! I initially thought it may have been mcaffee or a windows firewall, nope. I went through and made sure that itunes has FULL access to the net upload and download. Not a firewall, then I thought well maybe its an issue with apple, (ie the error code on itunes) called apple support (very helpful might I add) the support tech, went through every possible option he could find and the error code stems from vista blocking the program using the dowload. (I even tried downloading and using Urge, was able to download, but still unsuccessful, they all downloaded in protected wma files so itunes can't convert) So finally I found the time in my 60hr work week to call Windows. Get on the phone with the "technical support" (ha! what a joke to give this moron that title) where he gets completely inpertinent information, tells me to contact my computer manufacturer, HELLO the problem is not with my brand new computer, ITS WITH VISTA.... then tells me that he'll transfer me and 60.00 will be charged to my c.c. of choice for the call. WHAT!?!?  You think that I'm going to pay to talk to someone who may have a miniscule clue on how to fix my problem with the forsaken progam  that they designed that when I purchased my new computer had NO CHOICE in getting another operating system besides this screwed up mess? Also, because dell purchased my "license" before I purchased my computer I don't fall under the "90 day 'freebie' "although I've only had my computer about 40 days? Do my ears deceive me? Is anyone else suffering with this problem? I've hit my wall with it and I REFUSE to go make microsoft's pockets fatter for them selling garbage in mass quantities by paying 60 dollars to talk to another individual that i cant understand on the phone and pray that they can help me. does anyone have the solution to this problem? or are we Ipod lovers going to suffer?

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007 4:59 AM