Local Continuous Replication on a Mapped Drive Shared from Another Server RRS feed

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  • On my Exch 2007 box, I have the First Storage Group on the default path of C and Second Storage Group on default path of C

    I enabled LCR some years ago to keep a copy of both stores on the D drive, and it has been working just fine.

    However, I am about out of space on the D drive, and actualy want to move the Copy to a Shared drive on another server (mapped as R)

    I was able to execute a move command, but the DB remained in place.  And I was getting an error that the inspector folder coudl not be created (yet all sorts of log files were copied)

    So I tried with the second storage group to simply remove the copy, which I was able to do, and re-enable, I went thru the wizard, told it I wanted to use R:\blah blah, and the process created the Second Storage Group database file in the root of where I told it, but then I got a fail on teh replication, telling me it could not create the inspector directory.

    I tried to edit the permissions of the share and drive security, but to no avail.

    I must be missing something rather simple... if anyone can tell me please let me know.

    How do I create my copy and configure it / share to work (using a mapped drive to another server).



    Friday, October 8, 2010 7:04 PM