Folders in outlook (sent messages) RRS feed

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  • I make a summary of my problem. I have created a folder lets "john" where i have set a rule and all incoming and outgoing messages are directed to this folder. My problem is that when i send email to John it goes to his folder but it appears unread. So every time i send email to John i have to go to his folder and click to this email which appears as unread in order to make it read. It is quit inconvenience to me to do this all the time and i am looking for your help, to tell me how to make it in the rule so every time i send email to John in his folder which is a sent item not appear as unread. Obviously since i have send the email to John i know what it is and there is no reason to read it again in order to mark it as unread in his folder. Grateful for you advise.
    Therefore please write me the exact rule satisfying my request in order to put it and solve my problem.
    Tuesday, September 20, 2016 9:59 AM