WSUS Server can't download 1703 Enterprise Feature Update


  • Hi all, 

    After spending the last day and a half searching online to resolve this issue, I'm posting looking for help. My company is running WSUS on a 2012 server and we are unable to download the new 1703 Enterprise Feature Update it's just stuck at 0%.  I have followed all the steps in the below article. Both updates are installed and manual steps competed, 2012 server is fully up to date. I'm not seeing any errors in the event logs, assuming this is because the download isn't failing just sitting at 0%. I also made sure the .esd type was added into IIS. All other updates which were approved before and after this one have downloaded successfully, this is the only update that won't. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, I'm going insane over this.

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    Friday, April 21, 2017 5:42 PM