Help needed with applying FilterField to Datasheet View for a list RRS feed

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  • Hello Forum,

    I open a list view, lets say allitems.aspx. On one of the columns apply a filter, let's say location = 'Alabama'. Great, now I get all the listitems that are located in Alabama. Using the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon, I click on Datasheet View and the filter is lost.

    This is ok if the list was small but I have Jigaantor list (1400 + items) and sometimes two or more filters are being applied by end users so it is becoming a headache to repeat these just because we want to bulk edit items in datasheet view and filters are not being applied to it.

    Then I attempted to manually append the URL on Datasheet view click with &FilterField=location&FilterValue1=alabama - didn't respond to it.

    Why sharepoint has to be a nightmare sometimes? Has anyone experienced this? I would appreciate how this can be resolved (if possible) or third party solutions.

    Thank you

    .Net Frenzy

    Wednesday, January 30, 2013 2:28 PM


  • I believe this is by design that when you change your view SharePoint will remove any filtering applied.

    May I please know (bit curious) why can't user go to datasheet view to start with and then apply the filter? If Datasheet view is what users use more than the standard view than you can event create your own datasheet view and make that a default view.


    Wednesday, January 30, 2013 3:20 PM