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  • I utilize task 0 as a measure to see how many days late a task is.  I can see it in the progress line pulling back, but I'm trying to figure out how to get a calculated number.  I can see the Summary Progress date when I hover over progress.  How do I get a calculation methodology? Can you help?

    I have a screenshot I can send once I'm allowed.

    It should be the difference between the Status Date and the Summary Progress Date, but I can't find how to do this.

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  • beattyd98,

    I assume you mean you want the date associated with the "complete through" line at summary level. That can be calculated using two custom field formulas as follows:

    Number1=[actual duration]  (for summary lines use "rollup" "average")

    And the date is:

    Text1=projdateadd([Start],[Number1])+1   (for summary lines "use formula")

    Hope this helps.


    Monday, December 16, 2019 5:46 PM
  • John,

    In this example, Status Date is today 12/16/19.  The Progress summary date (how far the progress line is pulled back) is 11/29/19.  The difference in work days is 12/16-11/29 and excludes weekend days not in the calendar.  That's 18 days less 6 weekend/non-working days, so it's 12 days behind.  How do I get to that number in MPP?

    Still can't upload the view I'm looking at.

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  • beattyd98,

    You mention progress lines so I'll add those to the view. If you want the difference between the "complete through" at summary level and the Status Date, use the following formula in Text1

    Text1=ProjDateDiff(projdateadd([Start],[Number1]),[Status Date])/[Minutes Per Day]+1

    You didn't expand on all the parameters in your "example" so I mocked up something similar. It looks like this:

    Hope it helps.


    Monday, December 16, 2019 6:36 PM
  • John, 

    Using pieces of what you sent me I was able to calculate the "complete through" date by subtracting remaining duration from total duration and adding it to the start date.  From there I subtracted that date from the current date to get how many days behind the task 0 is.  Seems very messy and convoluted.  Is there no other way?  I do have to filter out projects that aren't late ie only >0 days late.  In all of that, everything has to be converted to minutes and non-work days removed.  That just makes it all very messy.  Is it really that tricky?

    Thanks for the info to at least help me get partially there.


    Monday, December 16, 2019 9:29 PM
  • Darien,

    I'm confused. You said you wanted the same date you see when you hover your mouse over the complete through duration of a summary line. I gave you the formulas for that. Now you say you subtracted Remaining Duration from total Duration and added it to the Start Date to get that date, but that doesn't give that date.

    What exactly are you after? Yeah I know, you want the days late at Project Summary level but that is a very subjective metric. Did you look at the Status field?

    First of all, progress lines and "complete through" are based on percent complete which is duration based. Elapsed duration accomplishes nothing, except for love lost or wounds healing. The metric that has real meaning is work accomplished. You would be much better off, in my opinion, looking at work, actual work and work remaining to see how well a plan is doing. Then of course, there are also the earned value metrics.


    Monday, December 16, 2019 10:09 PM
  • John,

    The date when I hover over isn't the Complete Through date, it's call Summary Progress.  I'm trying to get to that date on a summary task.  It shows as 11/29 versus today's date.  I'm calculating days late from there.  I've got the calculations set the way you provided.  What happens though when I mark all on track, the Summary Progress date moves to on time, but the calculations don't change.  I can't figure out why and doing searches, I can't find a way to get to that Summary Progress date that does show when I hover.  I do get that it may not be the perfect method, but it reflects the drag back or forward of the task 0 progress line.  That's what I'm looking for.  

    The 2 pictures I have will say 2000 words, but I can't get it to show here.  Can I PM somewhere?



    Tuesday, December 17, 2019 4:54 PM
  • Darien,

    Okay the misunderstanding in terminology is partly my fault. Indeed when you hover, the bar is called "Summary Progress" but when you look at the Bar Styles, it is defined as "Complete Through". So, same thing.

    This is what I get before and after tasks are marked as "on track".



    So, what is not calculating for you?


    Tuesday, December 17, 2019 5:40 PM
  • John,

    Thanks for including your pictures.  In your 2 examples, I'm looking to calculate the difference between today 12/17 and the Summary Progress date, or the date in the first picture that looks like 11/30.  That'd be around 18 days "late".  In the second picture, the status date is 12/17 again and with more % completion the days "late" is 1 day.  That's the calculation that I'm trying to get.  Status Date (which I set to NA/current) - Summary Progress date to estimate days "late" or ahead.  That's my goal.

    One other thing that I have found is that I have several summary tasks that drag/pull to the right (indicating ahead of schedule) even though none of the subtasks have any completion.  They are all set to autoschedule and schedule update after edit.  This indicates items ahead that are not really ahead.

    Thanks for the help.  Wish I could just share screen.  Would certainly go a little quicker.


    Tuesday, December 17, 2019 7:47 PM
  • Darien,

    I guess I hid the Text1 field which shows the Summary Progress date. In my example it is 11/29/19 9:36 AM as calculated by the formula I gave you earlier


    It sounds like you are after days "late" in calendar time, not working time, which would be a rather dubious metric unless your are using a 7 day a week calendar (i.e. non-working time on the Standard calendar shouldn't count against you). Based on that, the calendar days from the Summary Progress date to the current date is:

    Text2=DateDiff("d",projdateadd([Start],[Number1]),[Current Date])

    Again, I'll reiterate my previous comment about using metrics based on duration parameters.

    As far as the summary tasks that show progress when supposedly none of the subtasks show progress, I'll need to see an example. Even if you aren't yet able to post screen shots, tell me the details of the summary and subtasks including these fields: ID, Start, Duration, Finish, Actual Start, Predecessors.


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