Can i try to login using my old user profile folder which get corrupted


  • I have an HP Laptop which have windows 7 professional 64x bit. now inside my "c:\users" i use to have one folder named "MyFirstName.MyLastName" which represents my user profile, but last week when i login to my laptop, it took a long time to login me in, and after that all my desktop items had disappeared!! so i contact our system administration, and they mentioned that i am currently login using a temp user profile. so what they did (i think from the registry) is that they removed the temp user profile and create a new user profile. so now inside "c:\users" i have 2 folders:-

    1. one which is my old user profile named "MyFirstName.MyLastName", which contains all my desktop files, downloaded files, pictures, etc..

    2. the second folder is my new user profile named "MyFirstName.MyLastName-Compamyname".

    but now when i login using my new user profile i lost all the data and settings i use to have inside my old corrupted user profile. for example when i try to open visual studio i am asked to configure it,same happen to outlook,,,, also many applications use to show inside the "All programs" menu but now they have disappeared...

    So can i do this test, to try to recover my old user profile:-

    1. try to login using my old user profile.

    2. now if everything is working well, to remove the new user profile which they created?

    3. now if login using my old user profile did not work (for example i got login using the temp user again), then i need to reconfigure my PC to use the new user profile.

    so can anyone adivce how i can perform the above test? and will it cause any risks? currently i am not sure how i can define which user profile's folder will be used when i login to my PC? is this something we can change easily ? if yes then how i can do so?

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