PXE-E53 boot file and shaky screen RRS feed

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    Hi techies,

    I will applogise if this is again asking the same question... but I could not find/understand the right solution.

    I face 2 problems.


    1. During boot up I get the the PXE-E53 Boot File Not Recieved- PXE-MO broadcom PXE ROM error after DHCP

    2. My laptop screen shakes and vibrates a lot and takes a while to stabilize.


    Now my questions are, How do i remove the error in point 1, can someone please explain me in a simpler way on what should i do. (not a 100 line writeup but a bit of description will really help)

    are the errors in point 1 and 2 related? Coz I realized that the shaky screen can be due to some missing/incorrect drivers?

    Please help me in solving both the problems.


    Thanks a lot in advance

    Friday, October 31, 2008 2:53 PM