GPO for any authenticated user


  • Hello,

    I created a OU, within which is a computer.

    I created a GPO applied to that OU. This GPO has some settings in the "User" branch as well as in the "Computer" one.

    The security filtering is set to "Authenticated users"

    My question is:

    Does it matter the user I am logged with to grab the User settings of the GPO? .

    I asked it because the GPO wasn't working but as soon as I included a user within the OU and I logged with this user, the GPO worked.

    To my knowledge, if you put a computer within a OU, and apply a GPO to it, it didn't matter the user you log on with, anyway the user branch of the GPO will aplly to ANY user that logs in.

    Is this correct?

    Luis Olías.

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