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  • Hi All,


    we have been running AD RMS for more than a year (Windows 2008 SP2) with no problems at all and we are happy with the service provided.

    All our templates have only View and Print permissions for end users (I know .. but management required Print!!) and we have been sharing documents by sending them directly via email.

    Recently we installed SharePoint 2010 and we have been testing, with no problems so far the RMS services on SharePoint Document Libraries and we will go into production with the new distribution method asap.

    All the reports that are protected are Excel 2007 files.

    Now we are REQUIRED to add watermarking, dynamic watermarking that is.
    We need to explicitly write the name of the user opening the protected document as a watermark.

    We were able to create an excel macro that does that job 'decently' and we have that part running. The part that is NOT working is the watermark writing in the documents when they are downloaded/accessed in SharePoint. We did enable the 'Run Macro' option in the RMS Services but the problem is that the end users do NOT have permissions other than View and Print so they CANNOT modify the document thus CANNOT write the watermark even if they are able to run the macro.

    Long story short .. how can we implement dynamic watermarking in RMS protected document with ONLY View and Print permissions?

    Is this even achievable?



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    Monday, December 13, 2010 3:45 PM


  • David,

    I am sorry this never got a reply. This question has come again and there is another thread that others helped answer it as well:

    Quick answer is AD RMS is "agnostic"about watermarking. It should work if you can do it within your own application or a 3rd party app that does the watermarking for you.


    Brad Mahugh
    Microsoft Corporation
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    Thursday, April 4, 2013 3:48 AM