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  • On the right side of Windows Explorer (listview) it is possible to show the properties of the marked folder by pressing Alt+Enter. Until WinXP it was also possible to do this in the left side of the Explorer (in the treeview). Since Vista and also 7 this isn't working.

    The next thing is, when you browse folders in the treeview by pressing the cursor keys (up and down). The right side of the Explorer doesn't show the folder, that is marked in the treeview. Only after hitting the Enter-key the content of the current folder is shown.

    I think these are bugs no one found, because the whole world is working with the mouse and not with keyboard like I do.
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  • I'm working with the keyboard too...

    And I really would like to be able to press Alt+Enter in the tree to see the properties of a folder, just as I'm used to. I vote Yes for that!

    But I disagree to the need of automatically showing the contents of the folder while navigating the tree using the arrow keys. The Enter key is so easy to access being close to the arrows, so I really approve of the extremely quick tree view navigation without the right hand pane flickering through trying to catch up showing the contents of every folder while I press the arrow to navigate far from where I currently am. I just press Enter when I'm in the folder where I would like to see or access something.

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    Thursday, February 3, 2011 2:10 PM
  • Hi,

    In Windows 7, it is possible to the use Alt+Enter key combination to bring up a 'Properties' box about a folder. Second to this there is limited information available in the bar running along the bottom of the explorer window. If you have the preview pane enabled, you will find a preview of your selected item (not folder) on the right hand side of the Explorer window.

    Regarding your second point, it is more time consuming for explorer to have to load each folder as you cursor down through the items. Hitting the Enter key takes under a second to complete, so in my opinion, this is a faster method than in previous Windows versions.

    Neither of these items are bugs, they are just design changes. I hope this answers your question.



    Friday, February 4, 2011 6:23 AM