Surface Pro 2 - Operating System Deployment - Surface Pro 2 firmware and driver pack


  • Dear all,

    I'm trying to use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 (MDT 2013) to deploy Microsoft Surface Pro 2. I use "Surface Pro 2 firmware and driver pack" 1.0 published the 25th of october 2013.

    When buying Surface Pro 2, firmware isn't updated. During operating system deployment, the firmware is updated. As you can see on the following links, during this update Surface Pro 2 lose one driver which is the "touch cover telemetry" driver.

    As a result after deployment the "touch cover telemetry" driver is lost. We need to update it manually. I would like to correct this issue during operating deployment so technical guys won't have to do something manually to correct this issue.

    Did you also face this issue ? How did you manage it ?

    Thank you,

    Best regards.

    Monday, December 16, 2013 2:29 PM