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  • 1.Once I got an issue that had a blank item showing up in windows media player, clearing the library to have it re-build fixed this.

    2.I am still getting an issue of not being able to rate files correctly in windows media player, some items(not all) when I mouse-over them do nothing at all or may start to appear after going like 3 and a half stars over or whatever, it seems inconsistant & seems to be affected like in pixels & not number of stars affected since if I mouse over a star on left or right it lets me click on one side & not the other for example when im affected at all.

    By what I can see here is if the words go onto a new line in WMP the stars won't like to be clicked correctly.

    3.Also, this is a bit minor but when you rate something in WMP it seems to take a minute to update the file to show so, I have a big library of a few hundred items so maybe this is slowing it down, although if I change the files rating, it shows to WMP instantly, it only updates slow when rating from WMP the file doesn't update it's star rating right away.

    4.Also, when I rate items from their respective folders inside WMP the ratings seem to change, but when I have it sorted by rating where it is placed in that sorting will not change unless I rate the file from WMP to what I set it to from the file itself, or until I restart the WMP program then the sort option will place it correctly.

    5.Advanced tag editor doesn't show for items under Recorded TV.  This might be because the files show as protected but they don't show correctly in Windows Media Player.  I am wanting to change album name/title is all, not really advanced stuff but it won't let me change the stuff from properties>>details pane like usual maybe cause it's protected.  I just want the series name to show up when i'm under recorded TV, then the episode name to show up when you click on a series to bring up all the episodes.  I use Library>>Series type view & sort by rating so all my stuff shows up as a big blob of stuff because I don't like the other sort types given.

    6.Sort types are messed up in Windows Media Player for Recorded TV(Library>>Series View), it gives 3 options, Name, Count, Rating.  Although it sorts by name the first sort option shows blank so i'm just assuming it's sort by name, the text is missing under the customize sort options mode as well as in the view itself, plus, in this view only 3 sort options are available which is not much of a sort option as compared to how many I get for music & such.

    ---If you are unable to find an issue, I downloaded the files from zune & they show under recorded TV & I have set by Series & am trying to rate those files & I also categorize them by star rating that way they are show together as a big blob of items, since I don't really care for the other sort types.

    ---Hopefully someone can take note of these issues & point me to possible fixes, except #1 which has already been fixed, the other 5 are still happening.  Anyways, if no fix is available hopefully these bugs can be pointed over to microsoft so they can create fixes, if they are issues all computers are currently plagued with hopefully an update will be pushed through windows updates to fix the issue, otherwise i'd like links to the hotfixes for these issues if not everyone has these issues & only some people.

    ---Anyways, i'm running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 64-bit & Windows Media Player 11.  I couldn't find the exactly accurate place to post since this shows as Windows 7 & not vista, but people have been posting vista issues here too & haven't been told otherwise nor their posts moved.

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 5:33 AM


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