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  • Hi there,

    does anyone have any experience with connecting SCOM to Spectrum with the connector from CA, Quest or home built ?

    Before building our own, I would like to gather some experiences.

    The connector should work in both ways to close alerts, put devices in maintenance mode, etc.  Also if we decide to build our own connector what should be the unique key to use to map the monitored devices ?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    Friday, October 9, 2009 1:01 PM

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  • Hello Tekki,


    Overview of the CA SCOM Connector:

    The SCOM Connector is a Windows service that synchronizes alarm data between SPECTRUM and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
    The SCOM Connector uses the SPECTRUM SSORB (CORBA) API to communicate with SPECTRUM and it uses the Operations Manager Connector Framework (OMCF) API to communicate with SCOM. The SCOM Connector synchronizes SCOM alerts with SPECTRUM events and alarms. It provides bidirectional alert/alarm clearing as well as bidirectional alert/alarm acknowledgment. Thus, if you clear or acknowledge a SCOM-related alarm in SPECTRUM, the corresponding alert is cleared or acknowledged in SCOM and vice versa.

    SCOM Connector Software Requirements:

    SPECTRUM v8.1 or later.
    Note: The SCOM Connector only works with SCOM 2007

    To set up a SCOM Connector subscription:

    1. After you have started the SCOM Connector for the first time, you will see SPECTRUM Connector listed as a Product Connector in the SCOM Operations Console. Right-click SPECTRUM Connector in the Operations Console and click Properties. The Product Connector Properties dialog appears.
    2. Click Add in the Subscription section to create a new connector subscription. The Product Connector Subscription Wizard appears. 
    3. Enter a subscription name and a description in the General page and then click Next.
    4. Select the groups whose alerts you want forwarded to SPECTRUM in the Groups page and then click Next.
    5. Select the targets whose alerts you want forwarded to SPECTRUM in the Targets page and then click Next.
    6. Select the appropriate criteria for the alerts that will be forwarded to SPECTRUM in the Criteria page.
    7. Click Create to create the subscription.

    My experience with this connector wasn't good, because I before connect SCOM with Spectrum, I ran an executable file to open tickets with some customized variables at Channel Command Notifications. The connector doesn't work with command notifications, then I used a perl script to generate a XML file with alert message with all details (New or Closed, Warning, Critical or Information, AlertName, AlertDescriptions) and forward the alert to Spectrum using Southbound Gateway.


    About put devices in maintenance mode these two solutions don't do. 

    You can use 2 unique keys to map the devices: targetNameIgnoreCase or uniqueId1




    Victor Walter


    Thursday, April 29, 2010 12:49 PM