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  • Hi,

    I have an Exchange 2007 environment which currently has a single accepted domain and a single email address policy corresponding to the company. We have purchased a new domain name for a specific function and would like a few of our existing users to now have this new domain name as their secondary smtp address.

    I was wondering if this was dynamic or if I would have to run it each and every time I had a new user request the new domain name...

    For example:

    User A and User B, currently already exist in the system with a primary smtp of @company.com

    I then add the new domain and email address policy into Exchange (Using a custom attribute as filter).

    I then edit User A and User B to have the matching custom attribute...

    At this point do I need to apply the Email Address Policy for them to get their new domain secondary address?

    Also I create a user via AD then create their mailbox, I cannot expose the custom attributes in the GUI until after the account has created, so in this instance will I have to run it again then too?!

    I guess the final question is, if at a later stage, I remove the attributes from the user accounts, do I have to apply the original policy to take the new address away?


    Sorry looking back on this I think I have crossed multiple questions into one but one more final question emerged...

    If I had a user with a primary smtp address, and then that user got evaluated to a new policy with a different primary smtp address, does that users original primary automatically become a secondary? or is there a way of saying in the email address policy "do not make original primary a secondary etc"

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