possible scams claiming to be Microsoft claiming to need to fix clampi error (for big bucks) RRS feed

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  • My PC was suddenly frozen, I was notified of a major error or infection on my PC, that I only had 24 hours to fix it or my PC would shut down, and when I called the phone number listed, they claimed it was a "clampi" error: that scammers had hacked into my IP address and could get gain access to my personal and financial information (I thought all websites had access to one's IP address). The technician supposedly ran a few diagnostics, then said since it was a network error I would have to have it fixed by an outside service. I became suspicious, esp. when they asked for an e-check from me right away, including my checking account number, and would not take a credit card. When I explained I had paid for Microsoft technical support, they said it didn't matter, I had to pay this outside service to fix things. The clincher was that they would not let me leave for a bit to call Microsoft separately to confirm this error/infection (or my brother who knows computers), I had no infections when I had just previously run a complete scan, they acted suspiciously and I hung up. My PC works fine. Is there a scam going around related to this? Or could something really be wrong with my PC?  
    Monday, October 31, 2016 12:16 PM

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  • That definitely sounds like a scam. I would never give them personal information, like account numbers, or pay them anything. But you may have a virus or been hacked. I would run a virus scan. If you have Microsoft support, contact them, but not using the phone number you mentioned. You need to contact the actual Microsoft support.

    Richard Mueller - MVP Enterprise Mobility (Identity and Access)

    Monday, October 31, 2016 2:22 PM