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    We currently run a DPM 2010 server and up until we installed Exchange 2010 into our environment and started backing up Exchange 2010 (DAG) everything was working fine. We are now consistently experiencing issues with replica inconsistent errors. We are also seeing the error below appearing and log files are not being truncated. This in itself is going to cause us issues soon. I have tried removing the protection for one of the members it is failing for and deleted the replica information and then re-added the server back into the protection group. Still we are seeing these issues. It doesn't appear to happen on all databases but consistently now on two of our Exchange 2007 storage groups and also 2 of our Exchange 2010 Databases. 

    eseutil (4192) JetDBUtilities - 3040: An attempt to open the file "\\?\Volume{978106c8-5be0-11e0-bb87-00237dd55639}\2302fcc0-2ed0-4576-8904-3354944f268f\Logs\Business Storage Group\E0200029D09.log" for read only access failed with system error 1167 (0x0000048f): "The device is not connected. ".  The open file operation will fail with error -1022 (0xfffffc02). 

    We are also seeing lots of these errors in the DPM event log:

    Creation of recovery points for Mailbox Database2 on  have failed. The last recovery point creation failed for the following reason: (ID: 3114)
    DPM failed to communicate with the protection agent on because the agent is not responding. (ID: 43)

    These errors only started to occur when we started using the Exchange 2010 versions of the ESE files which we copied from our Exchange 2010 server into the BIN directory. Would this impact anything, was that the right thing to do considering we still also backup Exchange 2007?

    Any help anyone can provide would be most appreciative, we are in a sticky situation at the moment.



    Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:08 PM

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  • Also seeing:

    Log Name:      System

    Source:        volsnap
    Date:          22/03/2012 21:04:11
    Event ID:      86
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Error

    Volume C:\...olumes\Replica\Microsoft Exchange Replica Writer\vol_27603742-39dd-466c-8cc3-de9ff921a4cb is offline for shadow copy protection.  A read or write failure to shadow copy storage occurred.  Please ensure that the shadow copy storage is still present in the system.  Please try clearing the protection fault or restart the computer.  If all else fails, revert out of shadow copy protection mode to reclaim the use of the volume while losing the shadow copies.


    Log Name:      System
    Source:        Ntfs
    Date:          22/03/2012 21:14:00
    Event ID:      57
    Task Category: (2)
    Level:         Warning
    Keywords:      Classic
    User:          N/A
    The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.

    Any ideas, I'm thinking maybe a controller issue?



    Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:29 PM