Windows2008_R2_Std event log, please let me know a solution


  • Hello!

    Windows2008_R2_Std Dell r710 server model and installed The following warning is shown in the event log will contack you.


    ID : 1004

    Source : IPMIDRV

    Message : The IPMI device driver attempted to communicate with the IPMI BMC device during normal    operation. However the    communication failed due to a timeout. You can increase the timeouts associated with the IPMI device driver.


    1) Occur in the system event log and Why?

    2) I do not want to modify the registry. What are the other solutions?

    3) If I ignore the event logs, and performance issues?

    Friday, June 13, 2014 12:29 AM


  • Hi,

    I assume you have already found this article:

    Event ID 1004 — IPMI Driver Functionality

    The registry key helps increase the timeout duration but it may not able to solve the error if it simply fail to "communicate with the IPMI BMC device".

    I suggest you to check if the driver loaded successfully as the article mentioned:

    Click Start, then click on Start Search.
    Type Device Manager and click Enter to open the Device Manager window.
    Open the System devices node and locate Microsoft Generic IPMI Compliant Device.
    Note whether there is an exclamation mark beside the device name. If there is no exclamation mark, the driver has loaded successfully.

    If IPMI is actually not needed, you can uninstall it as mentioned in this article (for Windows 2003 so just for reference)

    The command to remove it:

    Rundll32 ipmisetp.dll, RemoveTheDevice

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