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  • I am trying vainly to clean up our Exchange org which used to be spread across dozens of sites and servers and began it's life in the days of Exchange 5.5.

    Our public folder tree is a total mess and while the cleanup is going well for the main folders. The system folder are a mess like you wouldn't believe.

    It seems that in the past, when a server was decommissioned the System folders have just been left.

    I am managing to clean up most things, but the Schedule+ Free Busy folders I just cannot get rid of, most of them are sitting in the tree without apparently having any replica's anywhere.

    My only objective here is to get these old folders DELETED, I want them gone.

    If I install the 2003 Management tools and delete from the EMC, I just keep getting a password prompt when I try to delete, and when I cancel it says access denied, even though the account I am using is both an Enterprise Admin and an Exchange Org Administrator on the AD side, and a folder owner on the Exchange side.

    If I use a 2007 or 2010 Public Folder Console I get the following Error, even though as previously stated the perms are fine.

    Microsoft Exchange Error
    Action 'Remove' could not be performed on object 'EX:/o=Incepta plc/ou=Amsterdam - Assumburg'.

    EX:/o=Incepta plc/ou=Amsterdam - Assumburg
    Cannot delete the object '\NON_IPM_SUBTREE\SCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY\EX:/o=Incepta plc/ou=Amsterdam - Assumburg'. Please make sure that you specified the correct identity and that you have the correct permissions to delete it.

    MapiExceptionPartialCompletion: Unable to delete folder. (hr=0x40680, ec=0)
    Diagnostic context:
        Lid: 45095   EMSMDB.EcDoRpcExt2 called [length=61]
        Lid: 61479   EMSMDB.EcDoRpcExt2 returned [ec=0x0][length=89][latency=31]
        Lid: 23226   --- ROP Parse Start ---
        Lid: 27962   ROP: ropDeleteFolder [29]
        Lid: 17082   ROP Error: 0x80070005
        Lid: 19297 
        Lid: 21921   StoreEc: 0x80070005
        Lid: 27962   ROP: ropExtendedError [250]
        Lid: 1494    ---- Remote Context Beg ----
        Lid: 26426   ROP: ropDeleteFolder [29]
        Lid: 4887    StoreEc: 0x80070005
        Lid: 1750    ---- Remote Context End ----
        Lid: 26849 
        Lid: 21817   ROP Failure: 0x80070005
        Lid: 24721 
        Lid: 20625   StoreEc: 0x80070005


    And if I try the deletion in PowerShell/Exchange Shell, I get the following error.

    Cannot delete the object '\NON_IPM_SUBTREE\SCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY\EX:/o=Incepta plc/ou=Amsterdam - Assumburg'. Please make
     sure that you specified the correct identity and that you have the correct permissions to delete it.
        + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [Remove-PublicFolder], MapiPartialCompletionException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 8910559D,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.MapiTasks.RemovePublicFolder

    Does anyone have any idea's at all ??

    We still have around 20 Exchange 2007/2010 servers globally with thousands of Public folders, but we also have system folders left behind from a good 30 or so old site, of which we have not had servers or any of the staff remaining for nearly 5 years now and I need to get rid of them.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2014 2:13 PM

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  • Hello,

    Exchange 5.5 is old exchange version which is out of support.

    If these public folders will not used, please try to delete it via ADSIEDIT.

    Open ADSIEDIT, select "Configuration Partition"

    Cara Chen
    TechNet Community Support

    Thursday, April 17, 2014 5:51 AM
  • Where in ADSIE Edit do you find the folders, where exactly in the configuration container
    Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:23 AM
  • Further Research would seem to indicate that deleting a Public folder in ADSIEDIT is not even possible.

    I can delete Public Folder STORE's in there but that is of no use here.

    I know Exchange 5.5 is not supported, neither is 2000 or 2003, as stated in the original post, our ORG is old and has had those older version in it in the past, but currently 2007 is the oldest version present in our org and it will be going shortly as well.

    What I need is to know how to DELETE these folders from the tree.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014 10:50 AM
  • Do the folders have any databases in their replicas tab? If not, create a replica, wait for the maintenance cycle to finish, then try deleting them.

    They may hang around for a while as instances after you remove them. I forget the interval they must remain before the IS maintenance will remove them.

    Is there really a reason why you want them removed (other than just you stated determination to remove them)?

    --- Rich Matheisen MCSE&I, Exchange MVP

    Thursday, April 24, 2014 3:35 AM
  • They all have replica's, so no joy on that one I'm afraid.

    Seems very odd that part of it seems on initial inspection to be some kind of permissions error, I have tried throwing every permission I can think at it.

    No reason other than ive been asked to clean them up, there are over 90 of the damn things mostly from the days when the org was at 5.5 level, we just want it cleaned up. There must be a way to do it.

    Thursday, April 24, 2014 2:54 PM
  • Okay, so what about the administrative groups (or sites, if they go back that far) those folders belonged to? Are they still present in the Exchange hierarchy?

    If not, you may have to recreate them and hook up the site folders property to the DN of a public folder store where there's a replica. MS doesn't recommend removing the sites/AGs, and there's usually a problem (or two, or three) to be found if you did!

    --- Rich Matheisen MCSE&I, Exchange MVP

    Thursday, April 24, 2014 9:53 PM
  • Have tried that with no joy

    Unless there are any specific settings or properties we need to recreate for the admin groups ?

    Friday, April 25, 2014 9:33 AM
  • So you have an admin group for each of the Free/Busy folders? And the legacyExchangeDN property value on the F/B group matches the LDN of the AG?

    And you changed the site folder's property to use the DN of a PF store where there's an instance of the F/B folder?

    Have you verified that there is no longer anything in the AD (other than the AG and F/B  folders) that have a LDN value that matches the old AG and F/B folders?

    --- Rich Matheisen MCSE&I, Exchange MVP

    Friday, April 25, 2014 9:40 PM
  • I knew I'd seen this somewhere before:


    According to that blog, you cannot delete those folders.

    "You can't delete the free/busy folder through any admin tool (ESM, the cmdlets, etc, won't let you), or even through something like ADSI Edit . . . "

    --- Rich Matheisen MCSE&I, Exchange MVP

    Friday, April 25, 2014 11:50 PM