Office 2010 Home & Bus desktop shortcuts not working with 2010 Standard


  • I have a roaming user (All Windows 7 PC's) that when she is working at her personal PC at our main facility that has Office 2010 Home & Business installed her desktop shortcuts work perfectly.  When the user roams to a remote site to a PC with Office 2010 Standard installed the desktop shortcuts no longer work.  If the user browses to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office and opens Outlook etc from their the software opens fine.  If she trys to open any Office software from her shortcuts it responds saying that the software is not installed.  

    I have tried running a repair install, removing the users profile completely and running a repair and nothing seems to work.  If I remove her shortcuts at the remote site and create new ones they will work at the remote site but not at her PC at the main facility when she returns.

    Tuesday, March 06, 2012 1:42 PM


  • Hi,

    I would say this is expected behaviour.
    Office Std vs. Office H&B, these are different product suites.
    the shortcuts are actually advertised windows installer objects, each has it's own GUID, and the GUIDs will be different between suites (even though they eventually execute a binary named outlook.exe)

    one way to work around this would be to install identical office suites across the machines (this standardisation is what most large companies do)
    or, for this user, you could create custom (traditional) shortcuts which reference the exe's directly.
    this defeats the benefit of the windows installer shortcut (self-heal etc) but may work for this use case.


    Tuesday, March 06, 2012 9:44 PM