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    Good Day,


    Seeking assistance/advice/guidance, plain old help on the following!


    In short, after weeks of system build, setup, installation, configuration, testing and use...I am finally recording HDTV programs with Vista Media Center (System specs below).


    I seem to have difficulties, specifically in Video Playback at this time of DVR-MS files using Vista Media Center. I have recorded several shows this past week in HDTV including CSI.


    Using Media Center to playback the show, the audio is fine, however the video is terrible, pausing/skipping every couple seconds and not keeping fluid with the audio whatsoever.


    Heres my current situation, in summary including various playback scenarios


    Same CSI HDTV Recorded show in all scenarios: (note, no audio problems, audio good across the board)
    ***1. HTPC with Media Center playback - problematic video
    ***2. XBox Extender playback - works well, good video
    ***3. HTPC with Media "Player" - less problematic video
    ***4. HTPC with VideoRedo MPG conversion -
    not perfect playback in VLC Media Player, but 90+% better video playback
    than Media Center

    MY SYSTEM SPECS in case needed:
    OS  = Vista Home Premium 32bit
    CPU = AMD 64/2 Dual 4800+ 2.5GHz
    RAM = 2GB DDR
    Video = NVidia GeForce 7050PV/NVideo nForce 630a
    Video Drivers = Websites recent, ForceWare R.163 Rel. 11/2007



    Any ideas, suggestions or recommedations on how/why Media Center on the System will not playback fluidly its very own files, would of course, be very much so appreciated!


    Thank you for your time and efforts...I look forward to a positive response.


    Best wishes,

    Saturday, December 15, 2007 9:58 AM