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  • Hi, I'm trying to import the RPG file in the wizard for generating schemas for a .NET Client definition. I place the program  ( which for now is a simple code ) and I received this error.

    A PARAM statemen in the *ENTRY PLIST statement list refers to a parameter named for which no definition specification statement was found

    Any one can guide me on this. The program I´m trying to import is a simple for the IBM site samples which is as follows

    Best Regards

          * PROGRAM NAME:   EMPRPT2                                       *
          * RELATED FILES:  EMPMST   (PHYSICAL FILE)                      *
          *                 PRINT    (PRINTER FILE)                       *
          * DESCRIPTION:    This program prints employee information      *
          *                 stored in the file EMPMST if the password     *
          *                 entered is correct.                           *
          *                 Run the program by typing "CALL library name/ *
          *                 EMPRPT2 (PSWORD)" on the command line, where  *
          *                 PSWORD is the password for this program.      *
          *                 The password for this program is 'HELLO'.     *
         FPRINT     O    F   80        PRINTER
         FEMPMST    IP   E           K DISK
         IEMPREC        01
          * The entry parameter list is specified in this program.          *
          * There is one parameter, called PSWORD, and it is a              *
          * character field 5 characters long.                              *
         C     *ENTRY        PLIST
         C                   PARM                    PSWORD          5
          * The password for this program is 'HELLO'.  The field PSWORD     *
          * is checked to see whether or not it contains 'HELLO'.           *
          * If it does not, the last record indicator (LR) and *IN99        *
          * are set on.  *IN99 controls the printing of messages.           *
         C     PSWORD        IFNE      'HELLO'
         C                   SETON                                        LR99
         C                   ENDIF

    Luis Diego Rojas.

    MCP, MCTS Biztalk Server, MCTS WCF

    Thursday, November 28, 2013 3:09 PM


  • I Finally found out what was going on. The parameter is declared but not defined, and apparently the parser for the wizard, needs de parameter to be defined separatly.

    Luis Diego Rojas.

    MCP, MCTS Biztalk Server, MCTS WCF

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