Odd DPM Agent Version Error 7707 older than 7706? RRS feed

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  • I had to rebuild my DPM server due to hardware failure.  When I added previously protected computers I got this error:

    Protection agent version: 3.0.7707.0
    Error: Data Protection Manager Error ID: 372
     The agent operation failed because DPM detected a more recent version of the DPM protection agent (version 3.0.7706.0) on server.
    Recommended action: Upgrade the DPM server to 3.0.7706.0 or install the protection agent of 3.0.7707.0 on server.

    I think it is caused by my server having the November 2010 hotfix previously and the March 2011 one now.  However it is basically indicating that the agent version 7706 is newer than 7707 and not giving me the upgrade option.  I have to manually uninstall the agent and reinstall on all my proteced servers.

    Friday, April 29, 2011 5:34 PM

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