Running Samsung Utilities as Standard User


  • Forgive me if this has been beat to death, but the answers I've found so far do not seem to address my problem. 

    My problem is with running Samsung utilities as a non-admin. I want to perform "normal" work as as a non-admin user, to lessen the risk of malware being installed on my machine.  The programs I want to run are performance enhancement programs and programs necessary to use the SSD Cache on my machine. These are programs like:

    •  Samsung Fast Boot
    •  Samsung Easy Settings
    •  Samsung Software Manager

    These programs run fine under admin user, but when running as std user, I am prompted for admin password for each one. I do not want to enter the password each time I log on as std user, as this is cumbersome. 

    I have tried selecting "Run as Admin" under "Compatibility". I've done this under the std user acct and the admin acct. Nothing I have tried  so far allows these utilities to run under std user acct w/o admin pswd prompt.  I have also, logged n as admin, selected the "security" tab for each program, assigned "Full Control" to "everyone".  Still I am prompted for password when logging in as std. user. I have now reset the security settings to the defaults. 

    Is there  way to  designate these programs to always run, regardless of the account logging on? To be clear, these are disk utilities that support laptop functionality and must be run each time a user logs on.  




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