Can't access encrypted files RRS feed

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  • This problem is on a Windows 2003 server and domain environment.  So, a few months back, I had a user come to me and say she needed a share to store some highly sensitive documents.  It's required the documents are on an encrypted disk.  So, I created a share that she only had NTFS permissions and went into the share, advanced properties and told it to "encrypt contents to secure data."  I've been noticing for a while that the share hasn't been being backed up and figured it was because it was encrypted.  

    A couple days ago, I figured I better figure this thing out before something is serious and someone needs it or they're lost because they're not being backed up.  (Police requires us to have these documents.)  Well, the user can't access the documents anymore.  (Not sure why she can't access them now.)  Me as an administrator can't access them either.  When I go into the advanced properties of the encrypted document, my administrator account is set to the recovery agent.  

    How do I use the recovery agent to get this document back readable?  From what I understand as a recovery agent, I don't have the ability to read the documents, but I have the ability to regenerate a new encryption key to allow someone else access the files.  But I'm not sure how to do this.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013 5:09 PM