MSP 2013 - Changed working hours to 7 (35 hours per week) but continues leveling at 8 (40 hours per week) RRS feed

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  • Hi - having a frustrating time attempting to flag any resources that are scheduled for more than 7 hours per day. Have changed the working time on standard calendar to be 7 hours per day - yet resources are leveled at 8 hours per day and only showing as over allocated if > 8 hours in a day. Have tried copying to another calendar.. the same.  could it be some kind of default set up by systems admin when installing at work or am I just missing something ?

    Friday, December 4, 2015 6:12 PM

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  • Radders99,

    There are multiple aspects to changing the calendar. How exactly did you change the working time on the standard calendar? As a matter of good practice, it is better to create a custom calendar rather than change the default standard calendar.

    There are three areas that may be involved in which calendar is used - The Project calendar (under Project/Properties group/Project Information), task calendars if they need be be different from the project calendar (Task Calendar field), and resource calendar (Base Calendar field on Resource Sheet).

    In addition, did you redefine the number of hours in a "day" under File/Options/Schedule group to be 7?

    Finally, what are your option settings for leveling (e.g. hour by hour, day by day,etc._?

    Armed will a little more information we can help you figure out why you see what you do.


    Friday, December 4, 2015 6:36 PM