Replicating Node A to Node B after a SAP SWPM install on the Primary RRS feed

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  • Hello I'm hoping somebody might have an answer to my question.

    We have two servers we are trying to setup with SQL 2008R2 database mirroring for SAP.  A primary (Node A) and a secondary (Node B) which will be the mirror.

    SAP Import / Install was done with Node A through a distributed install via SWPM.

    Mirror is setup between Node A and Node B.

    SQL Logins from Node A have been created on Node B.

    What other Node B "post installation" things need to be done to insure that SAP will work as expected?  Is there a specific order to complete these? 

    Install of "SAP Host Agent"  from SAP Software Provisioning Manager
    Install of "Operating System Users and Groups" from SAP Software Provisioning Manager
    Create SQL Logins
    Grant SQL Logins Roles/Rights
    Window accounts
    Create SQL Jobs

    How should this be handled or How is this done so that the SQL Jobs are ready to go on Node B?  

    There was special code that had to be added to each job when we did this for SQL AlwaysOn Availablity Groups so that the job new if it was suppose to run on the Primary, Secondary, or Both.

    The mirror database is in a state of restoring.  It is can't be accessed.  It would make sense that this would be handled differently.
    SQL Backup Devices 
    Windows Environment Variables 
    Windows Registry Keys 
    Configuring SAP Applications for Database Mirroring
    User environment of the <sid>adm user
    Changes in Default.pfl
    DBHOST parameter in the TMS domain profile

    These are some of the things we have found, but what else we might be missing.  I have been unable to find a document that lists what needs to be done.  

    I would be very interested if anybody else has come across these issues and how you resolved them.

    Thank You,

    Wade Morris

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015 4:28 PM

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