Question on Snapshot replication.


  • Hi All, 

    Am in a learning curve with SQL server and have some questions regarding SQL server, Please help me out!

    I have a table with 5 columns replicated(Transactional replication) to subscriber in the same server. Now I added a new column to the table and I stopped log reader agent then ran the snapshot, distribution agent and reinitialized the subscription manually. If I check the subscriber it shows only 5 columns which means new column is not replicated.
    Please advise why the new column is not replicated in snapshot, If need the new column(Full table) to replicate how do I need to proceed?I would appreciate if you explain it! :)
    Note -Tried with property immediate sync true and false.

    As per my understanding snapshot truncates the table and copies it again from publisher. I tired this test because I performed a huge delete operation in publisher which caused a replication bottleneck

    Best Regards Moug

    Monday, July 22, 2013 1:27 PM


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