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  • Somebody had asked about Orca 3.1 previously on the sequencing forum. I then provided him with the sequenced application. I decided to provide a recipe here for others.

    Step 1 - Prepare the sequencing machine by adding the following Exclusions to the Exclusions list:

    Launch the App-V Sequencer. Browse to Tools-->Options


    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


    Ensure Windows Search and Windows Defender services have been stopped on the machine.

    Step 2 - Sequence the Application

    Choose all defaults in the App-V Sequencing Wizard until you get to the window prompting you to provide a Package name. Name the package accordingly e.g. Orca 3.1. Take note of the Primary Directory e.g. Q:\Orca 3.1 as you'll want to install the application here. Click Next.

    Choose Perform a custom installation. Click Next.

    Launch Orca.msi. Ensure you select custom during the installation, ensure you choose to browse on the Dialog which allows you to choose what components to install, this will allow you to change the install directory. Change it from it's C:\Program Files\Orca path to Q:\Orca 3.1 to match the primary directory set earlier in the sequence.

    Check the box to indicate the install has been completed once you have successfully installed the application.

    One the next screen you can launch Orca. If you would like you could browse to the Preferences/Options and change the colours or make other customizations. Once you have closed the application. Click Next.

    If you would like to stream from a server you should choose to customize the application further. This will allow you to modify the File Type associations and shortcut if you would like. Personally I remove all FTA's except for MSI. As I use Orca sparingly, usually just to open and view MSI files. I also navigate MST files by opening an MSI and opening the MST within Orca. But that's up to you. When complete click next.

    Now you may launch to capture the Feature Block 1 (What will appear first to the user) Here I launch the application and click on File, Edit and Help to ensure the menus appear right on launch time. When complete close the application and click next.

    You can then either save or continue to modify. Continue to modify. You will now see the Sequencer Interface with multiple tabs e.g. Deployment, Files, Virtual Registry etc. Browse to the OSD tab. Expand Implementation-->Expand VIRTUALENV--> Expand ENVLIST. Right Click ENVLIST and add a new environment tag. Click on the ENVIRONMENT TAG.

    You will now see VARIABLE in the right window pane. Insert the value on the right column. __COMPAT_LAYER

    Click in the grey box and type the word RunAsInvoker

    When complete you may select File-->SaveAs

    Save the application to the relevant path (what you set in the Deployment tab)

    Step 3 - Application Complete

    You can now deploy the application however you see fit. If you open the .osd file outputted with Notepad you should see the variable you just created. It will look like:


    This will ensure the UAC prompt usually experienced when running Orca will now be suppressed.

    I hope this is helpful for somebody!


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