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  • I've looked around the forums and must be missing something very basic, because I don't see it addressed clearly.

    I have a single DPM2012 server with about 30 sources being backed up. Disk space report shows 11TB available in storage pool, 10TB allocated, and 5.7TB in use. However, unallocated space was 4TB on Friday and is now about 464GB. I *assumed* that DPM would work out of the allocated space setup at the time the source was added to the PG, and that the on-disk retention would be used in conjunction with the replica space to "allocate" what is needed (estimated). 

    So, with a little over half of the allocated space in use, why does unallocated continue to be reduced? I would think that the in-use total would increase instead, and unallocated would be for any new additions. 

    Hopefully this isn't a redundant question.


    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 7:55 PM


  • Didn't look hard enough. Looks like it's on me:

    From Mike Jacquet 07/21/2011:

    Unallocated free space in the dpm storage pool is different than free space on volumes created by DPM on the disks in the storage pool.  It seems that you have possibly overallocated space at the time of protection, OR, you do not yet have the number of recovery points specified in the protection groups, in which case, the free space on the recovery point volumes will eventually be used, OR you under allocated disk space at the time of protection, and autogrow grew the volumes and they may "possibly" be larger now than what is required.  Only you can determine which of the three is true.

    C'est la vie.

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 8:14 PM