Disable\Remove Creating a channel in Office 365 Video


  • Apologies, as 365 Video is technically running on SharePoint, i figured this was the most appropriate place for it.

    We fully intend to use 365 Video and allow staff to create channels and upload videos etc. but we want to limit these capabilities to start with.

    We're relatively new to 365 and there is a lot for users to learn esp. to change the ways of working so they get in the habit of using the cloud as opposed to local resources.

    I can find the option to remove 365 Video but thats overkill, i simply want to temporarily limit who can create a channel and upload videos.  I thought this might be under SharePoint admin but i'm struggling to find any options that do exactly this.

    If its not possible, we'll have to deal with it with some granular admin (deleting the inevitable 'test' channels).


    Friday, July 22, 2016 1:53 PM


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