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  • May be this is a small issue for you guys but I need help as I have never done these types of requests. There is Room mailbox named XYZ in our organization. the user wants its calendar to be deleted because of this reason "XYZ is a corporate meeting room booked through the receptionists in the Resource Scheduler system.  We own the room.  Someone had this calendar created for XYZ and folks are believing that they can reserve this space using this Outlook calendar.
    This creates conflicting reservations because Outlook and Resource Scheduler are two different programs that do not talk to each other." I know we can not delete the calendar but there should be some work around for this problem.

    So I told her to add the Receptionist as the approver but she replied "The receptionists will not be approving any requests to book this room through this Outlook calendar.  The procedure is to request room reservations through the receptionists by filling out a sharepoint form.  Your suggestion does not fall within the scope of the receptionist's responsibilities."

    What should I do? Hide the XYZ mailbox(don't know its impact)

    Please suggest!

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014 3:52 PM


  • You can hide the mailbox, or you can set it so only the receptionists (and this app) can book on it.  For the latter, run the following command:

    Set-CalendarProcessing -RequestInPolicy <receptionist 1 account>, <receptionist 2 account>, <app account> -RequestOutOfPolicy <receptionist 1 account>, <receptionist 2 account>, <app account> -Identity <conference room mailbox ID>

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014 6:54 PM